6th Grade Math

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Whether you are studying 6th grade math, are looking to get ahead and are in 4th or 5th grade, or are in 7th or 8th grade and math is a bit of a struggle, this course has it all!!!  This course aligns with the Common Core 6th and 7th grade Math curricula.  100’s of easy lesson videos with tons of practice problems taught by a master teacher with the energy and engagement of a rock star.

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Chapter 1: Whole Numbers & Decimals

This chapter dives into and builds a solid foundation of your understanding of whole numbers and decimals. You will learn everything from how to read and compare whole numbers and decimals to how to perform the four operations with whole numbers and decimals.

Chapter 2: Representing Data In Different Ways

In your world you are surrounded by data, or pieces of information that tell you a story about a certain situation or event. This chapter provides you with a thorough introduction into exploring and interpreting data using a variety of representations. You will learn about everything from measures of central tendency to a host of different kinds of graphs.

Chapter 3: Variables, Algebraic Expressions, & Solving Equations

This Chapter is where you start to get your Algebra party on!!! You will explore how letters work with numbers (variables!) before learning the all-important translation skills where you take words and convert them into simpler Math expressions. You will then spend time investigating how to solve one-step equations before finishing off with the Distributive Property.

Chapter 4: Divisibility, Factoring Numbers, & Fractions

This chapter takes you through many investigations involving properties of numbers. The journey begins with divisibility and exponents before going onto rocking how to find factors of numbers and using these factors to simplify fractions. You will then jump into some very cool lessons involving mixed numbers and improper fractions and using the Least Common Multiple to boost your fraction skills. The chapter rounds out nicely with seeing how to go between decimals and fractions before getting a small taste of the very radical concept of square roots!

Chapter 5: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

This chapter takes you through the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ behind adding and subtracting fractions. Whether you are seeking to learn about estimating fraction addition and subtraction, want the basics about why you need a common denominator to add or subtract fractions, or are looking to add or subtract fractions with different denominators or mixed numbers, this chapter has you covered! A very neat way of solving one-step equations involving adding and subtracting fractions in the final lesson, too!

Chapter 6: Multiplication and Division of Fractions

This chapter is all about mastering multiplying and dividing fractions. You will learn the processes involved in multiplying and dividing all kinds of fractions – mixed numbers included! Take the time to watch the videos explaining why the processes for multiplying and dividing fractions work. Your understanding of ‘why’ will pay off huge as you learn connected Math concepts in later Math courses! The final lesson in this chapter ties in how to solve one-step equations involving the multiplication of fractions.

Chapter 7: Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

This chapter contains everything you need to know about ratios, proportions and percents. You will begin with a thorough view into ratios and units rates before navigating proportions and their uses in real-world word problems. The chapter rounds out nicely with lessons that show you how to convert between percents, fractions, and decimals and how to use percents to solve many classic Math problems you see in your Math class.

Chapter 8: Fundamentals of Geometry

This chapter overviews some of the awesome foundations found in Geometry, a key field of Mathematics that is woven into all your Math courses from here through to the end of your Math studies! You will jump into lessons about the basics of everything from the building blocks of geometry before building to an understanding of major concepts like triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals, and congruence & similarity. The chapter concludes with looks into symmetry and the all-important ideas within transformations.

Chapter 9: Unit Conversions, Perimeter, Area, & Volume

This chapter provides a strong overview of two- and three-dimensional geometric topics. The chapter kicks off with lessons on units of measurement and how to convert between them. You will then find yourself learning about perimeters and areas of all kinds of shapes. The chapter concludes with a tour through solids or three-dimensional figures and excellent videos demonstrating how to find surface areas and volumes of many of these solids.

Chapter 10: Introduction to Probability

This chapter overviews the core ideas behind theoretical and experimental probability. The counting principle or calculating how many different ways a certain event can occur, will be expertly explained. You will roll through problems involving dice (I could not resist) and understand how to apply data from situations to make predictions about the likelihood of something occurring. The chapter concludes with a journey through independent and dependent events.

Chapter 11: Integers – Properties, Operations, & Equations

One of the most important (and coolest!) chapters in all of your Math studies!! This chapter starts you off with an introduction into integers – a new number system! You will then master the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers by understanding why the rules make sense. The chapter rounds out with connecting your knowledge of solving one-step equations to doing so with integers and a bodacious introduction to the coordinate plane & graphing functions.

Chapter 12: Two-Step Equations and Inequalities

This final chapter provides a brief link to some of the topics you will see covered in greater depth in Pre-Algebra. You will build on your understanding of solving one-step equations to learn how to rock solving two-step equations and why the solution processes work. You will close out the chapter with an exploration into inequalities involving variables and solving & graphing some one-step inequalities.