How to Maximize Your Learning Experience!

Here is how you can get the most out of your Calc 1 / AB / BC course:

1.) Open up the “Lesson Notes & Exercises” link located under each lesson.  Feel free to print them out or save a tree and try to rock the problems on scrap paper before watching the corresponding video.

2.) Pause videos before a new problem starts and try the problem on your own. You may surprise yourself with how much you can figure out!

3.) Watch the explanations and take notes on what is said that makes the concept(s) or specific problem(s) ‘click’ for you. See if the explanation matches with the work you attempted in 1. & 2. above.

4.) Rewatch any parts of videos (could be the whole video) for material you are not quite grasping yet, making sure to follow the advice from 2. & 3. above. You will get there, just stick with it!

5.) After watching part or all of a lesson, try the practice exercises located at the end of “Lesson Notes & Exercises”.  Check your solutions to either the Solution Key (located in the link below “Lesson Notes & Exercises) or watch the video(s) that correspond to the exercises you rocked!

6.) Looking for support on specific topics?   Click on the search tool (the magnifying class on the right side of the top menu) and type in your key word(s).  For example, typing in the word “derivative” will provide you with a list of links where videos on the derivative can be found!

7.) Watch the video(s) that correspond to what you learned in class that day so when you head into your homework you are practicing what you learned earlier in the day with a fresh brain as opposed to struggling to remember each problem – you will save time and retain more Calculus for longer!

So pumped to work with you as you improve your Calculus skills!