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Math Foundations Grades 5-8

This course is ideal for students in a variety of Math classes. Struggling a bit or totally lost in 6th-8th grade Math classes? This is a terrific resource for the support you need!  In 5th or 6th grade studying advanced Math or are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Middle School Math concepts? This is also a great course for you!  This course aligns with the Common Core 6th and 7th grade Math curricula.

The Math Foundations course covers a full curriculum of concepts necessary to succeed in Middle School Math. It will support you if you are struggling with the basics in a Pre-Algebra class. It will even help you if you are drowning in Algebra 1 because you need to strengthen your basic Math skills.  The nearly 200 short and easy-to-understand videos will make Math processes easier to perform. Plus, you will finally see Math as a subject with concepts that connect and build on one another like a clear puzzle.


Whether you are currently studying Pre-Algebra, are looking to get ahead and learn all of Pre-Algebra, or are in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or beyond and are struggling with your fundamentals, this course is for you!  The course includes topics covered in Pre-Algebra curricula in schools all across the globe.  Get ready for a thorough, energetic, and engaging journey towards mastering Pre-Algebra!

The Pre-Algebra course contains nearly 300 short and easy-to-understand videos that will elevate your understanding of all Pre-Algebra concepts and techniques.  You will realize connections between concepts in Math, so you will learn to build off one concept to master another.  By the end of this thorough course, you will be well ahead of the game in Algebra 1 and ready for continued success!