Have A Question?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Below!

1. How can I quickly find videos on a specific topic?

     Find the magnifying glass symbol (search tool icon) on the right side of the top of any page on the website and click on it.  Type in key words that apply to the topic you seek and click on ‘search.’  Click on the lesson link that applies to your topic, then rock some Math!


2. Why pay for videos when there are tons of videos on the internet?

     Matt is a master teacher who has created curricula unlike anything you will find on the internet.  This site provides you with these curricula in one organized location so you do not have to waste precious hours scouring the internet for helpful videos.  The videos on this site provide both easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions of how to solve any problem type you will encounter in class AND clear methods of how you can elevate your Math thinking and study skills.  At a cost far less than one hour-long tutoring session, you will have access to an engaging world-class teacher any time you need him.  Scheduling tutoring at every sign of struggle or need for enrichment is impossible!  So sit down and rock some Math with Matt any time help is needed.


3. How can I get the most out of PSM videos to improve my Math skills?

a.) Pause videos before a new problem is started and try the problem on your own. You may surprise yourself with how much you can figure out!

b.) Watch the explanations and take notes on what is said that makes the concept(s) or specific problem(s) ‘click’ for you. See if the explanation matches with the work you attempted in 1.) above.

c.) Rewatch any parts of videos (could be the whole video) for material you are not quite grasping yet, making sure to follow the advice from 1.) and 2.) above. You will get there! Stick with it!!

d.) Looking for support on specific topics?   Click on the search tool (the magnifying class on the right side of the top menu) and type in your key word(s).  For example, typing in the words “adding integers” will provide you with a list of links where videos on the addition of integers can be found!


4. I want to see Matt’s teaching skills in action before I sign up.  Where can I find some sample videos?

Simply click here for a FREE preview of what will help you reach your full Math potential!


5. How do I sign up to become a member?

Just click here to become a member and start your journey toward elevating your Math abilities today!


6. What subscription plan is best for me?

    If you are looking for the best value, the yearly option is the right pick for you.  If you are looking to try out the site in the short term to get you through a tough stretch in class, the monthly option is a good place to start.  You also have the option of a 6-month plan if you are looking for something in between the above.


7. I am used to how my teacher teaches Math.  Is it okay to learn from Matt if his teaching methods differ from what I am used to?

     Not only is it okay, but it is also BENEFICIAL to learn Math concepts from different perspectives.  You will improve your problem-solving skills by learning Math concepts in different ways and will no doubt improve how you think about Math by learning from Matt.


8. Who are these videos designed for?

  •     Students in 5th or 6th grade looking to get ahead in their Math learning.
  •     Students in 6th through 8th grade who are experiencing anywhere from a little bit of struggle through to those who are full on panicking about much of what they are learning in the class that precedes Pre-Algebra.
  •     Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 students who are struggling with basic Math skills taught in previous Math classes that are needed for success in their current course of study.
  •     Students in Algebra 1 who are meeting with struggle or are looking to get ahead in class.
  •     Students in Algebra 2 and beyond who are struggling with their Algebra 1 fundamentals.
  •     Teachers looking to change up the way they deliver their Math lessons.