About Problem Solved Math

You are probably here for one of three reasons.

  1. You’re struggling in your current math class, despite all the extra effort.
  2. Perhaps you’re doing OK in your current math class but need an extra boost.
  3. Or maybe you’re a math junkie and just can’t get enough.

Whatever the reason, we are glad you’re here and we’re certain you’ll find Problem Solved Math to be different than any other math experience.

You’ll find the lessons broken down into short, easy-to-digest pieces where you can stop, rewind, and rewatch at any point. That’s better than suffering through an entire class where you can’t seem to follow along and have to wait until class is over to ask any questions. Better yet, these videos aren’t about just memorizing the correct steps to get the correct answer, they are about learning how it all fits together. That’s better than learning to become a machine that just cranks out the answer like so many video sites out there teach you. Best of all, Matt Groden is your host and he’ll share his passion for math while communicating in a relaxed, easy-to-understand manner. Yep, it’s like having your favorite teacher who can speak math and your language, available 24/7.

Membership basics

Tutoring can be expensive and difficult to schedule. Problem Solved Math makes it affordable and is available whenever you are available. To make that work, we offer three membership levels for access to all our materials and access to contact Matt via email.

Monthly: $25 for 30 days
6 months: $120
1 year: $180 (that’s a dollar per school day!)
Not quite sure? Take a FREE peek at some lessons

*If you are experiencing financial difficulties that prevent you from paying tuition for site access, then please contact Matt at psmgroden@gmail.com and let him know.  He will set you up with a free account.  Everyone deserves access to world-class math instruction!  If you are able to pay tuition for site access, then please know not only are you doing good for you or your student’s math grades and skills, but you are also supporting the site so other students who are unable to currently pay tuition have access to great education.

About Matt

In his more than 10 years teaching middle and high school math to students ranging from those who think of math as a vile 4-letter word to those who love math as a passion, Matt Groden enjoyed leading students to realize math as an interconnected puzzle.  He left public schools to focus on making math accessible to students at every level of interest and ability, doing that through small innovative extracurricular math classes, 1-on-1 and small-group tutoring, and enrichment for students ranging from math-phobic 6th graders to enthusiastic high-school and college math students exploring college-level Calculus. 


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